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Current Domain Name Registration Policy

Eligibility and structure of .mt domain name space

The mt top-level domain (TLD) is partitioned into second-level domains (SLDs) intended to serve a particular sector e.g. (commercial sector), (educational sector) etc. To maintain the integrity of this structure, registration of domains directly under .mt is not allowed. Registration of new domain names must be made under one of the following SLDs:

SLDs managed by NIC(Malta)


 Prospective Holder (Registrant) must 

 operate on a commercial basis e.g. limited liability companies 

 operate on a non-profit basis e.g. charities, foundations 

 be a provider of Internet related network services e.g. ISPs 

 be an education institution recognized by Ministry of Education in Malta 


  • In all above cases the prospective Holder must be the legal entity that will be using the domain and is required to declare the right to use the name preceding the SLD of the proposed domain name as a Full Trade Mark or Trade or Business Name in accordance with Maltese Law - e.g. to register "" the prospective Holder must declare the right to use the name "xyz" as a Full Trade Mark or Trade or Business Name in accordance with Maltese Law.

  • There is no requirement for the Holder to be established in Malta apart from what is specified above.

  • Refer also to Fees, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

SLD delegated to Government of Malta


 Prospective Holder (Registrant) must 

 be a Government of Malta entity  


Registration of domains under are not done through NIC(Malta). The Government of Malta contact for registrations under is Mr Rodney Naudi, Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA).