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1st September 2017

New Policy to Register Second Level Domain Names under .mt

NIC(Malta) is implementing changes in its domain name registration policy in the .mt namespace, which is the top-level country domain for Malta. The new policy will make it possible to register Internet domain names at the second level, directly to the left of .mt. The new policy will become effective as from 1 December 2017. For example, from this date, it will become possible to register Registrations of third level domain names, such as for example, will remain possible.

The following are the main reasons for adopting the new policy:

  • More choice – Through the new policy NIC(Malta) will be offering more choice to existing and future registrants in the .mt namespace.

  • Simpler, shorter names – Domain names under .mt will no longer necessarily require an additional three-letter second level domain name, resulting in shorter and snappier names. The focus of the domain name can be on the registrant’s preferred branding.

  • Avoids inappropriate labelling – Some domain names do not quite fit within the existing hierarchical structure which categorises a domain name by commercial (, non-profit (, internet related service provider (, educational ( and governmental ( organisation type. Thus, for example, individuals may register their personal domain names without any hindrance.

  • Follows similar changes in the wider Internet – Other countries have adopted similar changes to their policies, such as for example in the United Kingdom (.uk) and New Zealand (.nz). In addition, IANA has recently introduced a large number of generic top-level domain names which are bound to increase in the future. Therefore, this new policy has been implemented in order for the .mt domain to remain relevant in the evolving Internet.

The new policy has been approved by NIC(Malta) following a public consultation exercise last year. The feedback received from the public, industry players and interested parties showed that there is widespread agreement to introducing second level domain name registration under .mt.

The new Domain Name Registration Policy together with the corresponding Terms and Conditions for registering new domain names effective as from 1 December 2017 can be found at, together with further information on how this change will impact existing and potential new holders of domain names registered under .mt. To facilitate the transition to the new system of registration, a Preferential Registration Period is being implemented. During this period, running between 1 December 2017 to 30 November 2020, special rights are given to existing registrants of .mt domain names. During the Preferential Registration Period, existing registrants may additionally register their domain name directly under .mt for free. For example, the registrant of may also register at no additional charge for that period. Furthermore, NIC(Malta) is announcing a new fee structure that comes into effect as from 1 December 2020 that will see annual registration fees halved compared to current values.

The Network Information Centre Malta, also known as NIC(Malta), is a non-profit Foundation which is responsible for the .mt top-level country domain for Malta. NIC(Malta) is the registry for .mt domain names.


1st September 2017